Friday, July 24, 2020

Sunflower Season

Happy Friday my Friends !
I hope that you've had a great week.  I truly have !  I've been in a real creative zone over the past few days and I'm feeling so good !  I'll share with you, some of what I've been up to NEXT week,  But, for now, I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I just released my latest pattern......
                                                         ~  Rugged Sunflowers ~
I made these and wrote up the pattern last weekend.  I shared the photos on Facebook and Instagram and am completely amazed at the pleasant response that I got !  I really appreciate you guys ! 
This morning, I took the time to edit the pattern and publish it in the Etsy shop.  It's there now, available as Instant Download OR Printed/Delivered to  your mailbox. 
It's a very easy and fun project.  I can't wait to make more ! 
So, if you are interested in making some yourself, Hop on over to the 
I apologize that todays post seems more like and advertisement.   As I said, I've been in a "Zone" this week. When I get into working on things that I love so much, I don't take the time to do much else !  The house is a mess,  we're eating quick and easy meals and all is neglected around the yard.  Heck, it's too hot around here to be outside anyway.  ( I do make sure the goats, piggy and chickens are taken care of though , Yes, I do have to visit with them :) ) I never think to stop and take pictures of what I'm doing.  But, I do plan on slowing down and doing just that this weekend.   
So, until then.... I  wish for YOU, a fabulous weekend !   Do whatever it is that you LOVE ! 
Dru Ann

Friday, July 17, 2020

Little Peasant Dresses & Stockings

Today, I released my latest pattern - Little Peasant Dress & Stockings.    It's been a fun and creative week for me, designing , sewing, and adding all of the touches to my little vision.  Sure,  little girl dresses have always been a favorite for so many of us to use in our cozy and homey decor.   Some of  may have made dresses before.  I wanted to do some in my own creative way and share the process with you with a pattern package.

                 Rustic, Tattered & Torn .  Some, rather authentic looking, others, more "artistic" 

                    Aged Linen and other rustic textiles make the most wonderful little dresses

                                                                   Grain-sack style

                 Sweet Stockings for Autumn.  I've been inspired by  "Anne with an E" on Netflix
                    I love her spirit ! Especially her love of nature. She is quite the creative girl  !
                                    I've never read Anne of Green Gables.   I will someday. 

                                I love this quote from "Anne"  I"m an October Girl myself ! 

                                            Random Patches and crude, simple stitches.

               Stenciling, Leaf Printing, More simple stitching on this Ginger colored Linen Dress.

                                                          The "Rutabaga" Dress

                      Hey.... A little color !  ( smiles)    These Autumn stockings are SO fun !
You can learn how I made the Peasant dresses and stockings in my pattern package.  Available as instant download OR Printed/Delivered to your mailbox . I include  sources, tips and my techniques.   For such a simple and easy to make pattern,  It turned out to be a 12 pager ! 
Lots of info and some helpful pictures. 
Visit my Cinnamon Creek Folk Art  Etsy shop,  Get yourself  a pattern or two, and enjoy doing some of your OWN CreaTinG ! 
                                         I'm so glad you stopped by !  Thank you ! 
                                                                   Dru Ann

Monday, July 13, 2020

A Fresh Start

Hello ! 
Here I am again , all ready for a fresh new week , Full of thoughts and ideas .  I feel so very blessed that I can do what I love for a living.  I get so excited about every little thing !  My biggest problem is that I cannot organize my thoughts.  I just want to do it all !  I'm trying to train my brain to slow down, take one thing at a time and enjoy each project, live in the moment, without thinking about what's next.   I want to be as cool and laid back as my sweet Elijah Cat.  Doesn't he look so happy and peaceful  in this picture?  That's his favorite resting spot , there atop my cubby by my worktable.  He keeps me company while I create. 

Last week was a mess !   My main goal right now is to design new patterns to offer you.  I get many requests for tutorials and how-to's, so, I thought.... Heck, I'll just photo or video as I go along making the examples of these patterns to share on this blog .  Well,  It just didn't work out for me.   I wasted a whole day simply trying to set up my camera to video me stitching some faces.   16 tries and the day was gone !  Ha ! I'll have to learn some video skills before I attempt that again.   But, I will be sharing some good photo demonstrations soon on some of my techniques that you might like to see. 

Also on my mind, is the thought of combining my 2 online business into one,Somehow. 
  CINNAMON CREEK FOLK ART  , being my pattern line, and A FINE FARMHOUSE , where I sell my finished goods from time to time. I want to be able to keep my Fine Farmhouse Website more active, yet, I don't have time to keep good things made up to sell all the time.   I"m considering a few different things to make improvements there, and even start stocking my patterns there as well as Etsy.  Because, I truly love having my own Website !  

I LoVe making so many different things.  Many of you know I started out way back in the early 1980's making cloth folk art.   Sold in the wholesale market for many years, then I decided I did not want to mass produce anymore.   No way, no how !   I have enjoyed many years since then, being able to make whatever is in my heart.  Lots of one of a kinds. Things made of cloth or paper.  I really love making things with old images.  It's been fun to share some of that with you all with my printable packages.  I've got other ideas for paper projects for you coming up in the near future. 
So, I will get on with my day now.  FOCUS on one project at a time. Save my daydreaming and planning for the evening when I'm done. Todays project is another pattern design.  I have some samples started and hope to have a new one or two ready to offer in the Etsy shop in a few days. 
I'm happy that many of you have been getting my latest patterns !  And, older ones too !  I truly appreciate you all !  That Pumpkin in the Urn is my newest favorite ! 
Have a most wonderful day ,  I hope you can slow down and enjoy each moment as I intend to do ! 
Dru Ann

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Good Intentions

Just in case anyone is checking in.    I apologize.  I'm having a few , minor technical difficulties. 
I need more time to begin my CreaTiVe posts.    I seem to have gotten a little overexcited about all I want to do this week, and I'm realizing I simply can't do it all.  

Sooooo,   I'm thinking that I will keep planning and working on this blogspace behind the scenes and will begin NEXT WEEK ( Monday )  with my informative and hopefully fun posts. 

OH, by the way,  I AM getting more patterns together for you.   You will, indeed, be seeing more of those over the next few days.  Just no blogging. 

Thank you for your patience with me.  I truly appreciate you all !
                                            Dru Ann  

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

I'm back ! ... Well, Almost .

Hello There my Friends !   
My goodness, It's been a very long time since I've been here in blog-land ! 
I've spent a great deal of time this morning doing somewhat of a refresher course on how to do things here.  I've forgotten a lot of things.   However, I'm getting back into the groove.   Still have a few adjustments to make and , of course, lots of new things still to learn. 
I mentioned yesterday with my latest pattern that I released that I'll be posting more ideas on the "Fine Felines" here. AND, I will !  A bit later today.  Then, I'll continue to post every few days.  I hope that you will enjoy what I do here.  Lots of ideas floating in my head ( smiles) 
So, Have a wonderful day, and , again, I'll have a nice post full of pictures and maybe some inspiration for you later on in the afternoon! 
Dru Ann

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Mid-January ALREADY ?

My gosh....where has the time gone ?   I cannot believe it's the middle of January already !

I have been looking for the time and inspiration to re-visit this blog and , I'm getting there.
I was anxious to start it back before Christmas to share with your those Santa face instructions. I do hope they helped you.

I've been taking a little time off, as I always do this time of year.  I've been creating several new designs to sell in my Fine Farmhouse Etsy shop as well as new patterns for Cinnamon Creek.

I recently added some fun Valentine projects to the Cinnamon Creek Etsy shop, and just today, 2 new rabbit patterns.

So, I just wanted to pop in and say HELLO and I hope you are off to a great NEW YEAR too ! 
I shall return here very soon with something FuN ! 
Have a very lovely week my friends , 
Dru Ann

Friday, December 7, 2018

Painting Santa Faces

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get this posted for you . 
SO many distractions these days. 
Today, I am showing you how I paint my clay and chalkware faces.  As you have probably seen my last post on how to actually sculpt the clay faces. 
This is simple and basic, and quite honestly, I'm a little embarrassed, because, I don't feel that I do that good of a job. But, the end result looks pretty good, and they have been well received over the years.  

Start by base coating the face with flesh tone paint. Using about a 1'' paintbrush.  My preference is Ceramcoat AC Flesh Paint.  It's just a nice and light shade and not too pink.  You can find it at Hobby Lobby.

Here are all the colors needed,  They do not have to be these brands. 
Flesh, Off white , blue, black and brown for the eyes and a dark red for the cheeks. 
Any brand of dark antiquing wax looks good for the finish coat. 
You need a teeny tiny paint brush for the eye details. And, I"m sorry, I don't know why the sharpie marker is there. Ha ! 

After your flesh paint has dried, Paint the whites of the eyes.  Simply paint a little eye shape.  Heaven knows I have never perfected this.  

After the white has dried, paint the  blue iris.  Just circles in the middle of the white.

While the blue is drying, you can sponge on the red cheeks....

Simply use a piece of a sponge or cotton ball,  dab in a little dark red paint,  blot on paper a few times and then gently blot onto the cheeks. You might want to dab a little on the mouth too.   Not too much, but enough to show up under the brown antique wax. 
You don't need to do the pupil or outline of the eye until the entire face is antiqued. If you do, those tiny details may bet wiped away.
So, once the paint you have so far on the face is completely dry,  Wet your paintbrush with water ( about 1'' brush ) , and then dip the brush in the antique wax.  Coat the entire face with it, and then wipe off fairly quickly with a rag. Let Dry.

Once the antiquing wax is dry,  paint in some little black circles in the middle of the blue iris. 
Let Dry . 
Then, outline along the border of the eye, ever so faintly with brown paint.  More on the top than on the bottom.  You don't want it to look like eyeliner, but, just add a little definition. 

Perfectly imperfect ! 

Very last touch .... Add a little twinkle in his eyes by dotting a teeny white  speck to one side of the pupil .

All finished !  Now it is ready to attach to the body and add the beard ! 

Thank you all so much for all of your support !  
Have you gotten your Cinnamon Creek Santa Pattern yet ?  Have you started on it, or maybe even finished ?   I truly hope you are enjoying this Christmas season and having fun creating ! 

I think I am done offering Christmas patterns for the year. New things for the new year are dancing in my head !  I will be offering some finished goods ( Santas :)  in my Fine Farmhouse Etsy Shop sometime over this weekend.  So, keep your eye out. 
Happy Weekend ! 
Dru Ann